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Vancouver 2010 Merchandise

Just thought I'd throw this out here to see if any one has any good ideas or suggestions for me.

I was looking at getting some Vancouver 2010 merchandise such as hoodies, jackets, scarves, etc...but the clothing is only available to ship to Canada!!! I'm tempted to get a po box and have stuff forwarded from that to my US address (I looked into this, but I think you have to sign up for a po box in person) . I wish I knew someone in Canada so that I could order what I want and have them ship what I want to me. I'd pay for the extra shipping, but I just don't know anyone in Canada. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get the merch I want now without waiting till they open shipping clothing to the US???

In other news, anyone request tickets yet or purchase hospitality packages?! My husband and I spent way too much money on a hospitality package, but we still need to book two extra nights in Vancouver whenever hotels open up booking for February 2010. I'm so excited!!! It can't come soon enough!
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