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anti olympics

I live in Whistler. I cant wait until my land lord kicks me out in 2010 to cash in.
Shame on you. All of you. There are HOMELESS people, sick people in this fucking province!
Just wait till your baby is sick, in emerg and has to wait couse there IS NO FUNDING to help you. You will change your tune. Liberal Fucking Government. Havent they done enough damage.

I spoke with the head of the 'No 2010' movement. Guess what. The fucking Pro 2010'ers vandilized his house with anti semetic shit. You are no angels.

I was told by a volly for the 2010 games that if I didnt like it, I should move. Hey-fuck you-people like ME steam your fucking lattes, clean your toilets etc.
Consider me gone in 2010.

Hospital beds before bobsleds.
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